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What Bankruptcy Can Do for You

  • - Stop harassing creditors’ telephone calls immediately!
  • - Stop creditor collection agencies immediately!
  • - Stop a mortgage foreclosure of your home (only applies to Chapter 13 Bankruptcy).
  • - Eliminate all of your credit card debt and unsecured debt.
  • - Reduce the amount of some of your loans to the actual replacement value of the item that you purchased and not your purchase price (applies to Chapter 13 Bankruptcy).
  • - Help you to get on the path to financial freedom and economic success.

Colorado Bankruptcy Frequently Asked Questions

Colorado Bankruptcy FAQ’s

While most of these FAQs are general to bankruptcy across the country, some of the answers will be specific to Colorado bankruptcy laws and to particular situations. You should always consult with a local bankruptcy attorney on any specific questions.

  1. Is consumer bankruptcy still available under the new bankruptcy law?
  2. I am having trouble paying my bills. Should I file bankruptcy?
  3. What actions must a collection agency avoid?
  4. How can I find out whether filing bankruptcy would be the right decision for me?
  5. What is the automatic stay?
  6. Does the automatic stay always apply when a bankruptcy case is filed, and if so, for how long?
  7. Is it too late to file bankruptcy if I’m being sued or already have a Colorado judgment against me?
  8. Where does my case get filed?
  9. What does it mean to bankrupt or discharge a debt?
  10. What are exemptions?
  11. Which State’s exemption laws apply to my assets?
  12. Can I pick and choose who to list in my bankruptcy case?
  13. Can you be fired or denied employment because of a bankruptcy?
  14. Can I remove liens against my property?
  15. Are any and all debts dischargeable in a bankruptcy case?

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