Colorado Dog Bite Attorneys

Colorado Dog Bite Attorneys

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Dogs can be loving companions that bring happiness and companionship to a family. In Colorado, it seems everybody has one. Since dogs are animals even the most docile dog can sometimes act in unexpected ways. Sometimes “man’s best friend” can subject victims to a vicious dog bite or dog mauling. Almost 5 million people throughout the United States suffer from some form of dog bite or dog attack annually, which results in approximately a hundred thousand hospital visits for dog attack victims. Young children are the most common victims of dangerous dog attacks and fatal dog maulings in Colorado. If you or someone you love has suffered serious injuries or wrongful death as a result of a Colorado dog attack resulting in bite or mauling injuries, the experienced Colorado dog attack lawyers with The Fast Filers can help you obtain compensation for your serious injuries sustained in Colorado.

Even if an owner has no knowledge of any vicious tendencies of his or her dog, the owner may still be liable if the owner is negligent. Negligence is the failure to take ordinary care to prevent accident or injury to others but may also be based on a violation of law designed to safeguard potential victims. The most common basis for liability for Colorado dog bites is failure to comply with leash laws or running at large ordinance.

Application of the One Bite Rule in Colorado dog bite cases means that it is essential to have an experienced Colorado dog bite lawyer to investigate and determine whether a dog has a past pattern of aggressive tendencies. This may be evidenced by such things as the owner telling people that the dog bites, aggressively restraining the dog or holding the dog back when people visit, the dog lunging or growling or similar evidence. Colorado dog attack cases are very fact-specific so it is important to work with an experienced Colorado dog bite law firm.

In Colorado, adults are most likely to be bitten in the arms or legs, but can still suffer broken bones, significant blood loss, scarring, nerve damage and even amputation. All ages are vulnerable to secondary infections from the dogs’ teeth, which act as primitive syringes that drive disease deep into the flesh of victims. And while they may not be as apparent as a broken bone, victims may also have emotional injuries, such as crippling phobias of dogs, the outdoors or other situations related to the attack.
If a dog attack happens in Colorado you should move fast to identify the dog, its owner and any witnesses and document the full extent of your injuries. In addition, you should call Weselis & Suchoparek LLC, The Fast Filers, for a free consultation with one of our experienced Colorado Dog Bite victim attorneys.

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