Client Testimonials



These are real comments given to our firm from our clients. Last names have been removed for confidentiality purposes.

"Elisa Weselis did a wonderful job in helping me file for my bankruptcy. The whole process was easy to understand and she answered every question or concern I had right away and in simple terms. You won’t regret obtaining her services!"


“The friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable staff helped me through the whole bankruptcy process. They always helped me and treated me with respect! ”


“They filed my Chapter 13 case so that my house was not auctioned. I was able to keep my car in Chapter 13 too and get a better car payment. I deeply appreciate their help. Thank you Fast Filers”


“I greatly thank you for your firm’s representation with my chapter 7 case. Your staff was a pleasure to do business with. I will be sure to refer people to your practice. Thank you once more.”


“My experience with The Fast Filers Office was very pleasant! Mr. Suchoparek met with me very quickly after my initial phone call, and was very professional, understanding and friendly. During a very stressful time in my life, he assured me that everything would be alright. Mike is very educated in the bankruptcy laws, and answered all of my questions thoroughly. It seemed that I called his office often, due to my own anxiety and nervousness of the situation, and I never felt that I was a bother to the staff. They were always pleasant and professional. His assistant was particularly knowledgeable , courteous and helpful, and did what seemed an unbelievable amount of work, leaving minimal paperwork for me to do. This helped relieve me of a lot of stress and worry during this stressful time. I would highly recommend The Fast Filers Office. Thank you Fast Filers staff ! ”


“The thought of filing for personal bankruptcy was the last thing I could imagine I would have to do. Yet, as I examined my personal finances I quickly realized that I may need to explore my options. I contacted my personal attorney and asked him for a referral, that referral was Elisa Weselis. Bankruptcy is a rather involved, detailed process that is emotionally taxing, tedious and exact. It is a long process, and to successfully complete the journey, you need an attorney who is empathetic, professional, reliable and precise. Elisa possesses all of these characteristics, and he made the bankruptcy process bearable. She is truly your partner in the journey, she is experienced in the process, she walks you through the steps, she advises you as to what you can expect. Throughout the entire ordeal, I felt completely prepared, informed and comfortable with the process. It is with great confidence that I recommend Elisa to assist in filing for personal bankruptcy.”


“Thanks Michael, Your services on the net were Smooth and Very Professional. He took all the pressure off me and made me feel let I was in good Hands. Anything I needed was right there, Information, Help at anytime. Also answer all my Question and did not leave me wondering what the ???. Would really recommend Michael Suchoparek nothing but Professional.” Jason, Aurora, CO”


“My wife and I are very thankful to have found a firm like the Fast Filers to explain all procedures involved. All aspects concerned were explained thoroughly and professionally. Our concerns have been lessened.”


“Michael Suchoparek – All i can say – is THANK YOU FROM THE HEART – Both of us my Spouse and I – you’ve been very very Helpful – Lot’s of Experience – Honest – Punctual – Responding to our e-mails anytime when we’ve asked even small matters, – Interesting that you want to be friend with Mr. Suchoparek even after the case is over – Great Guy – Thank you So So Much ”


“Nita, I want to thank you for all the help you have provided me through all of this. Not only did you take time to explain things so clearly, but you really provided much needed moral support, and I really appreciate that. Mike and Elisa need to recognize employees like you, because you definitely make a difference.”


“Mr. Suchoparek, Thank you for your warm welcome, its hard to know who to trust in times like these, especially when you trust someone with your finances. I did my homework before choosing your firm and so far the actions of yourself and your staff are a testament to that reputation. I look forward to working with your firm. ”


“Your professionalism, experience, sensitivity and patience have helped me deal with my bankruptcy issues. I have placed my faith and trust in you, never have I doubted your approach since the very beginning of the process. It’s certainly more than a great job, it’s stellar! Simply, thank you so much!”


“The fee that your office charged us for services was a very minimal amount. All of your hard work in resolving our financial issues… Thank you all so very much! You have a wonderful, very patient, very caring staff. Extremely professional!”


“Thank you Michael for all your hard work, dedication and prompt responses throughout my filling. You were extremely helpful and available making an otherwise nerve racking experience less painful. Thank you again. ”


“Mr. Suchoparek met with my wife and I for Bankruptcy. I inquired by email and I got a response the very next day. The email that I received was very informative and it allowed me to do research on all aspects of Bankruptcy. I would recommend Mr. Suchoparek for multiple reasons. He has a very easy going demeanor that when he is instructing you it is in such a way that you feel assured and you are understanding what the process is. He will give you all of your options even if it does not warrant a bankruptcy.”


“Thank you, Elisa, for your patience and understanding in the handling of my bankruptcy case. I very much appreciate the patience you demonstrated towards me in making the difficult decision to file for bankruptcy. The information you provided on your web site about filing and the different categories of bankruptcy was very helpful. With your help, what started out as a very painful decision to accept responsibility for my financial situation, ended up being a surprisingly painless procedure. I don’t think one can put a price on the kindness and compassion that you showed me during this whole process; nevertheless, your fee was very reasonable and quite possibly the first smart financial decision I had made in a long time. Thank you again.”


“My credit rating after a year and a month has already restored to a 600+ Things are getting back to normal thanks to all your help. Thanks again”


“Elisa, thank you so much for all of your help. Your guidance through a very difficult time is very much appreciated. Your thorough knowledge and expertise were critical to my comfort in this process, and I knew from our earliest conversations that I selected the right attorney for this work. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”


“After an expensive emotional Divorce my financial condition was in the fast lane heading for a crash. With the burden of having to pay an obscene amount of spousal support as well as child support the thought of also having to pay off the balances of the credit cards, back taxes and attorney fees seemed an impossible task. Struggling to keep my head above water my financial conditioned was not improving; expenses that typically are necessities in life like health insurance could not be maintained and after a minor health problem the uninsured Doctor bills finally made me realize that I needed some professional help. The thought of filing Bankruptcy was not pleasant but I had no choice, my tax balances with penalties and interest were in the six figure range. I could borrow any money and I no longer had any more assets. I search the internet and found the Law offices of Weselis & Suchoparek. I have never written a testimonial and I don’t normally shout the praises of some ones services but I feel compelled to do so in this case. After reading the biography and answering a few initial questions I couldn’t believe how responsive They were. I received the retainer agreement and a package with a more detailed questionnaire that required information about my creditors and overall financial condition. Weselis & Suchoparek LLC bankruptcy services were extremely thorough and easy to understand. When I had questions all I had to do was email my concerns and within 24 hrs I had a response. I remember once I sent an e-mail on a Sunday evening thinking I would get an answer the following week. I got my answer the same Sunday evening.”


“Elisa Weslis is, in my opinion, the best bankruptcy attorney in Colorado and one of the best in the entire United States. She is caring, patient with stressed-out debtors, and more dependable than any lawyer has a right to be. She’ll give your case every chance to succeed, and give it to you straight when those chances are small. Although she’ll also keep you in stitches with her wry wit, for me the best thing about her is that she’s HONEST. An honest attorney!! What a concept! Elisa Weselis doesn’t come cheap … the best never do. But you will get value — and when you’re bankrupt, that’s really what you need most.”


“I interviewed several attorneys before selecting Mr. Suchoparek to file my bankruptcy. I found him to be professional, knowledgeable beyond compare and above all responsive to any questions I may have had during the course of the bankruptcy. Most attorneys I spoke to were never available to personally answer my questions. Nobody in Denver has more expertise in BK Law than Michael Suchoparek and nobody makes you feel like you are their only client, like Michael does. Thanks!”

Holiday Card from Adam

“My experience with Elisa Weselis couldn’t have been better, especially under the stress of the situation. She is forthright, knowledgeable, and professional. Bankruptcy requires a lot hand-holding, not for emotional support but to guide one through an alien world, and Elisa did a superlative job”


“We would recommend Michael Suchoparek to anyone considering bankruptcy. He was always respectful and courteous. He answered our endless questions in a timely matter. We mostly communicated through email, which was convenient and effective for us. The Trustee’s Meeting was almost effortless, all of our paperwork was completed correctly and the meeting lasted only minutes. Thank you, Mike, for your services.”


“Thank you very much for all your help throughout these past months. Your patience has made this a smooth transaction from the beginning till the end. When I browsed the website to look for a lawyer back last year and read your past clients comments on your work, I must admit that what they said is true. I wish this will stay the same always. I will definitely recommend you to anyone who needs a lawyer for this matter.”


“Like many, I never expected to go through bankruptcy. I had many questions and was very leery of getting the wrong legal advice. The Fast Filers website was so informative that I decided to contact them. I am very glad that I did! The Fast Filers are truly an expert on bankruptcy law and took the time to explain everything. They are very professional, very reassuring, and they answer emails promptly! Put your case in The Fast Filers you won’t regret it!”


“Thanks. Everything went very well. Actually, it was almost too easy! I am very pleased with your services. It made the process much easier and less stressful and would definitely recommend you to anyone. Hopefully I won’t need your services again.” Jeremy, Parker, CO”


“I liked that the office explained the process so I understood what was going on. The process moved along very quickly once I had all of the necessary documents. The Lawyers were great and very friendly as was the staff.”


“Michael, I want to thank you so much for representing me in my Ch. 13 bankruptcy. You were so easy to talk to and your answers were always reassuring but honest. I can’t believe how many times I called or e-mailed you with my fears and stupid questions and you always made time for me. I’ve read the other client testimonies on your page and they are all true. You saved my house and gave me a new start and I am grateful. I am so glad I found you.ʺ Rose, Aurora, CO”


“Arriving at the conclusion that bankruptcy was the solution to my financial situation was an intensely painful and private process for me. It was great to be able to research and execute this process from the comfort and privacy of my PC. I do not think I would have been comfortable doing this any other way. ”


“A Lawyer acquaintance in San Diego recommended Elisa to me because she was too far away to help me. That impressed me and I am so grateful she recommended her. We did most everything on line. Even though I never met her, I trusted her. I appreciated the guidance and her patience to answer all my questions. Thanks Again Elisa!!”


“The friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable staff helped me through the whole bankruptcy process. They always helped me and treated me with respect.”


“You made the process of filing bankruptcy much less stressful and difficult than we anticipated it would be. Though we never imagined that we could morally file a bankruptcy, we realize that it was the most responsible thing we could do. Having worked in collections before, I know firsthand that milking a creditor along with false promises is just a waste of time and aggravation for both parties plus [it] causes additional manpower expenses for the creditor. If in the future a large sum of money comes by way of a debtor, the option is still there to voluntarily pay creditors should the moral issue be overwhelming. Thanks again for assisting in making our lives flow more smoothly. Your internet site has made process all the more simple for those who live online. Your courtesy and attention to our many questions are beyond what any attorney we’ve ever dealt with has given, all for your reasonable fee.” John, Grand Junction, CO ”


“This was a very trying time for me and I’m glad that I found someone like you to represent me. You answered all my concerns promptly. You were very professional and guided me through the process with intellect and compassion. I would highly recommend you to people that find themselves in this situation. In fact, I have already done so. Thanks again for all the help and making this as painless as possible!”