Do I Really Need a Lawyer?

Colorado Auto Accidents: Do I Really Need a Lawyer?

If you’re one of the thousands of people who have been the victims of Colorado auto accidents, you know just how life-changing the experience can be. During the days and weeks immediately following the incident, you have a myriad of responsibilities to take care of, all while trying to recover from painful bumps and bruises. Getting your car repaired or replaced; filling out insurance forms, and negotiating with your employer over missed work are just a few of the complications you suddenly face.

Why a Lawyer?

Signing Away Your Rights

In the midst of this activity, a very important moment will occur: the insurance company covering the driver that caused your accident will offer to write you a check. At this point, you have two options: You can sign the agreement, accept the check, and continue on your way, or you can hire a lawyer to make sure that the offer is fair. Unfortunately, many people take what they see as an easy route and accept the insurance company’s first offer.

The insurance companies responsible for compensating the victims of Colorado auto accidents have one goal: to pay out as little money as possible. If they can convince you to accept a compensation right away that is lower than the actual cost of your recovery, you will, in effect, sign away your right to sue for a fair settlement later on. You will be stuck footing the rest of the bill out of pocket.

Why a Lawyer?

Get a Fair Deal

We have been handling cases related to Colorado auto accidents for years, and we can give you an accurate estimate of just how much money you will need to make a complete recovery. We take into account all the factors, many of which may not occur to you at first. Once we have discussed these factors with you, we take your demand to the insurance company and insist that they pay you the compensation that you deserve. Negotiation is usually sufficient to win a fair deal for you, but if not, we are ready to take your case to the courtroom and stand up for your rights.

Why a Lawyer?

What to Do After Your Accident

To ensure fair treatment by the responsible insurance company, the following actions are essential as soon as possible after your accident:

See a doctor for a complete physical exam immediately, even if you don’t think you are badly injured.
Take photos and videos of your car’s damage, the larger scene, and any visible injuries you have.
Refuse to sign anything without asking a lawyer you trust about it first.
Hire an attorney who is an expert in Colorado auto accidents!
Talking with a lawyer might be the last thing you feel like doing, but it’s one of the first things you should do if you expect to make a full recovery without breaking the bank. Get the compensation you need and deserve—call us today!