Discharge Violations

Creditor Violations

Discharge Violations

Colorado Discharge Violations. Occasionally, some creditors do not listen to the Colorado Bankruptcy Discharge Order that was entered in your bankruptcy case that you previously filed. If you have filed bankruptcy, received your discharge and are still being harassed by a creditor that was discharged in your bankruptcy, you may have a discharge violation complaint to bring against that individual or company. Moreover, if you recently pulled your credit after your bankruptcy discharge and a creditor that was discharged in your case is still reporting negatively on your credit report, then you may also have additional actions to bring against that entity. Your credit report can say that you have filed for bankruptcy, but the debts discharged in your case can only report a balance of ZERO. Anything else is a violation of federal and state law!

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If you are trying to buy a car or house after a bankruptcy discharge and the loan officer informs you that you have negative reporting on your credit report of debts discharged in your prior bankruptcy case, you should waste no time in contacting us. The Colorado law firm of Weselis & Suchoparek LLC can clear up your credit reports with the three major credit agencies and may sue the creditor that is causing the problem which may lead to compensation ordered to be paid to you by a judge.

Do not give in to paying debts that were legally wiped away in your Colorado bankruptcy! We will show you how to document the evidence needed to pursue legal action against creditors and also show you how to account for the damages these creditors are causing you. Whether you filed bankruptcy with us, or with another firm, the law office of Weselis & Suchoparek LLC can help. Contact us if you are not enjoying the full benefits of your bankruptcy discharge.