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Colorado Creditor Harassment Lawyers

They have called your home many times. They have called your neighbors. They have even called your job. Facing harassment by creditors is, at best, annoying. At worst, it is an abusive offense that is in violation of both federal and state laws. We are Colorado Creditor Harassment Lawyers. At the law office of Weselis & Suchoparek, we have heard all types of horror stories told to us by our clients about their creditors. Some of the common types of harassment are:

How do I handle harassment by creditors and collection companies?

Fortunately, we know how to stop harassing bill collectors once and for all. Not only do we stop them, but we often sue them which results in the possibly to recover money damages for you under numerous state and federal laws when they go too far – which actually happens more than often you think. We provide you with the tools needed to document such illegal actions and show you exactly what is needed to successfully take control of the situation and reverse the tables: you can go after them for money.

The fact is that debtor collectors in Colorado are allowed to call and write you in connection to debts owed in most cases. However, what the law also says is that any collection agency has to stop contacting you once it knows you have a lawyer representing you in connection with your debts. Moreover, we will be there to pursue actions against them on your behalf if they violate the numerous laws that restrict their ability to harass you and impact your life.

Do not believe most things the creditors tell you. Collection agencies are masters at stretching the truth and telling half lies in order to try and collect from you. Sometimes they say that their particular debt cannot be discharged in bankruptcy. Sometimes they state that if you only make this one payment, they will stop calling you. This is almost always not true.

Please call for a free consultation and we will be more than happy to walk you through your options under the laws available to you in the State of Colorado. If you already are a bankruptcy client of ours, we aggressively pursue bankruptcy violations while you are under bankruptcy protection.