Colorado Bicycle Accident Attorneys

Colorado Bicycle Accident Attorneys

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In Colorado, bicycling has become very popular, especially on the weekends. However, it does not matter if you are in Grand Junction or Denver, when a pedestrian or bicycle tangle with a car or truck, it is rare that the pedestrian or bicyclist wins. Sadly, fatal or serious bicycle accidents happen more frequently than you probably expect.

The obvious causes of serious injury are driver negligence. However, sometimes accidents and injuries occur in Colorado when crosswalks are not clearly marked, crosswalk signals do not work, or traffic signals malfunction.

About 5,000 Americans lose their lives every year in pedestrian accidents – tens of thousands more are injured. More than three-quarters of cyclist deaths are caused by accidents involving motor vehicles. Most cyclist fatalities involve serious head injuries.
Many Colorado cities now recognize the increase in bike traffic and have constructed special bike lanes. This is especially true in Downtown Denver, Downtown Fort Collins, and Downtown Colorado Springs. Colorado Parks have now made trails accessible to bicycles. Even some vehicle manufacturers are now offering bike racks as standard equipment. Sadly, however, many automobile drivers do not respect the Colorado bicyclists’ rights to share the roads and, more importantly, young bike riders have not been educated on how to legally and safely share the roads with automobiles.

Motor vehicle operators must be attentive to bicycle riders. They must equate a bicycle with a motor vehicle and observe the same laws. For example: if you are sharing the right lane with a bicyclist and you are planning to turn right at an intersection, you must yield to the bicyclist. You may not drive in a designated bike lane unless you have immediate intentions to turn off the road. There are many “new” Colorado traffic laws concerning bicycles and ignorance of the laws will not protect you against negligence if you injure a bicyclist.

Under Colorado law, bicycle riders are also subject to the same traffic laws as motorists. If you are riding a bicycle, you are also required to obey the traffic laws and you deserve the same protection by those Colorado laws as automobile drivers.
Other types of negligence, such as product liability, defective products and negligent manufacturing or assembly, can also cause bicycle accidents and injuries.

Helmets have made our Colorado streets safer, but not all jurisdictions require helmet use for adults. Speeding or distracted motorists can cause catastrophic injuries to others. Negligence behind the wheel can be deadly for cyclists or pedestrians of all ages.

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